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Build TD:

(remote work)

3Dreamlibrary is always on the lookout for talented Build TDs of any level from interns to seniors who has knowledge of the 3 areas of asset creation for VFX or commercials, modelling, texturing and look development but specializes in one of those.

  • Create very accurate and technically clean digital models from the supplied reference material and/or lidar photogrammetry. Outstanding knowledge of UV unwrapping workflows.

  • Create photogrammetry geometry from supplied photos or videos to speed up the 3d asset creation.

  • Create accurate textures.

  • Create shading networks using inhouse tools.

  • Provide CG Supervisor and other superiors with your daily work updates using Ftrack.

  • Earlier proven experience as an Asset artist within VFX or commercials industry Good ability to work independently as well as still take part in a virtual office environment

  • Very good Maya knowledge to allow for model package preparation, but this application accepts any and all modellers working in any application as long as the final result is supplied in Maya.

  • Open to learn our pipeline management tool Ftrack.

  • In depth understanding of VFX asset pipeline from modelling to final delivery of an asset package.

  • Understanding of ACEScg and how it ties with everything down the pipeline.

  • Ability to work in substance and/mari. Knowledge of ACEScg workflow.

  • Ability to work in Zbrush/Mudbox or any other sculpting application.

  • Ability to work with Agisoft PhotoScan

  • Ability to work with Maya: Arnold, Redshift, Vray | Houdini: Mantra | Katana: Renderman | Clarisse and/or Gaffer: Arnold

  • Fluent English language skills.

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