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Experience and People:

We are a team of modellers, surfacers and FX artists with years of experience in what we do.

The team bring a range of different types of experiences to the table. We are a mix of people who’ve been working in different industries but who all share a passion for asset creation in the entertainment industry.

Our artists have worked for multiple high-end productions, such as Godzilla: King of the Monsters; Avengers: Infinity War; James Bond: No Time to Die; and many TV series which are streamed to millions of people around the world every day on Netflix, Amazon or HBO.

We have people who have worked in animation, commercials, robotics, jewellery and prototyping industries for companies like, for example, Pandora and Applied Sciences Division


We believe in: “Changing the Stereotype”.

We would like to change the stereotype around buying assets online. We want to create a centralized library of 3D assets which you can trust and rely on. Where all assets are technically correct and hold up to scrutiny.

We focus on the creation of technically accurate models with clean topology and uvs for use throughout the entertainment industry. Our aim is to produce assets which are perfect for rigid body dynamic simulations, as these are one of the most unforgiving tasks which FX department must deal with in terms of technical difficulties.


We have adapted a standard ACEScg colour pipeline for our textures and shaders so your studio will be immune to conversion of lin srgb textures to ACEScg, or they will have an opportunity to migrate to ACEScg colour pipeline using our assets.

For detailed technical breakdown visit our tech site.

To make sure that all the assets are perfect for pipeline injection without having to spend days cleaning them up or remodelling them, we pass our assets through a series of automatic and manual, checks,
As well as the integrity test of RBD and flip simulations in Houdini. We have developed our pipeline, which we believe is the most flexible available, to allow all the studios in the world to easily edit our naming and asset politics.
The idea is that a user will download the assets, rename those according to their in-house pipeline, and publish them without any trouble.


We are pushing on USD support in upcoming months to allow our users to download Alembic and Universal Scene Description files.

Currently we support the following render engines: Maya:
We will be expanding to Maya:
Vray, Redshift, Houdini: Mantra, Katana: Renderman, Clarisse and Gaffer: Arnold.

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Future plan:

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